SkyPoint Studios is a full-service web design and
graphic design firm located in Billings Montana


Q: What does updating a website mean?

A: The term refers to two seperate processes. One is updating the content of a site (images & text), the other refers to updating the software that runs the website. Updating website software regularly is important to prevent unauthorized entry (hacking) and the damage that can occur. SkyPoint offers complimentary software updating on website development plans.

Q: How do you keep your clients at the top?

A: First, we start with evaluating the current stregnths and weaknesses of the business. Then we analyze the competition and marketplace and prepare a plan of execution. Following this plan, we will increase the quality and quantity of the brand messaging going out online. A modern mobile-optimized website with cleanly presented quality content is the best way to compete in todays' marketplace. In addition, we have some proprietary SEO techniques that propel your business in search results using the power of local business networks.

Q: What do you mean "You build apps"?

A: Applications on mobile telephone devices "Apps" are a popular way of consuming media or completing tasks in our modern lives. Some businesses can benefit from having part of their business available on mobile devices anywhere in the World on the app market. That is where we come in. SkyPoint will build a custom application for either Android or iPhone (iOS) devices or both! Download our latest app for First Montana Title to see what is possible.

Q: Who is your ideal client to work with?

A: Any business or organization focused on doing what they do best and wanting their online presence to be effective and automated. We love working with businesses in Billings, Montana. We know this city and state well and the culture required to succeed here.

Q: What are some pitfalls people get into in your industry?

A: Technology can be confusing. Without proper guidance, it is very easy to go in the wrong direction, cause errors or lose assets depending on the choices made. Similarly to wanting a lawyer to do legal representation, it is ideal to have an expert like SkyPoint Studios on your side. We advocate for the best online marketing and web solutions to suit your business. The cost of "learning as you go" can far exceed the cost of hiring a professional.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Our pricing is very competitive. Without comprimising quality, we deliver great value in a timely fashion. Call 406-208-8733 to get current rates.

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Web Design & Development

Site Build
Start from scratch with a new URL and idea and build a comprehensive solution that will drive traffic to the site while offering the visitors proper access to well-developed content and images that engage and broaden the brand identity and conversion rates.
Site Rebuild
Take an out of date and non-functional site and rebuild it with the latest features and designs that are highly functional and easy to use.

Social Media Management

Make Facebook work for your business and pull in new leads and convert sales all without you having to take your eye off of what you do best. Writing and photos are what makes a page interesting, and we take the time to get to know your business, often coming to your location for interviews and photo shoots to give the page a real feel of what you are up to.

Website Content Management

The key to successful websites that gain considerable amounts of traffic is quality content. The problem is quality content takes time and lots of skill to create. That is where we come in, we can create custom journalistic blog and website content that engages the visitor. Your web pages and blog will get custom journalist quality content about your business or industry structured on custom written CSS and HTML code. A real winner for SEO and web marketing.

Website Hosting & Domain Registration

There are a million and a half different places to purchase hosting and domains on the web, and we want to share with you what makes SkyPoint different. First of all, we go through a consulting process to make sure you choose the right domain for your purposes. Next, we make the domain purchase on your behalf to your specifications. Finally, we do all the updates and security patches necessary throughout the year. Plus we work on your behalf to ensure the website is up and running smoothly throughout the year.

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